Carlot Thuggin

Thug Hunter - Carlot Thuggin

Sucking on thug cocks. Yo we were in the night. The sirrens were blazing out their red and blue lights and we were standing in front of a Gun Sign..Do you think we had the perfect opportunity to find a thug walking the streets at this time. The answer is an emphatic Yes! And his name is Johnny, he just got out of jail recently and missed butt fucking his fellow inmates, we can tell he had that look in his eye. So Spencer didnt have…

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Basketball Jones

Thug Hunter - Basketball Jones

Sucking his black cock. Wassup Guys, you already know we are on a mission to find some hot thug ass and what better place to go then the basketball courts? We spotted this one dude man, he had the whole bad boy attitude going on with a perfect chocolate ass to match, DAMN! Anyway, we hooped around with him for a bit, then we invited him over for a drink, and you already know THE HUNTER couldn’t wait, he pulls the guys cock right out and…

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Thug Laundry

Thug Hunter - Thug Laundry

Getting this gangsta to suck his cock. What do you get when you mix a Thug waiting at a Bus Stop and me and my friend patrolling the streets at night…You get a fucking good time! We found this hood waiting for his ride, but we stopped him short and offered him a better ride. The kind you have to bend over to receive. I took him to a local laundry mat near by and we rammed him while the patrons did their laundry. Gotta love how the people in Miami mind…

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Rollin Wit The thug Hunter

Thug Hunter - Rollin Wit The thug Hunter

The thug hunter shows us how to fuck a thug. Today the hunter decides to take me to the HOOD!!!!!! THE REAL HOOD!!!! NOT THE RAP HOOD!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I’m not a bitch or anything like that but fuck that, I wanted to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible.. The hunter brought his long time hunting partner with him for some serious action today.. So we end up in this little graphitti spot, where we drew giants cock’s and sign them with “Thug Hunter” & shit..

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The Thug on Probation

Thug Hunter - The Thug on Probation

Full blown thug getting fully blown and fucked! We got us a bad ass today, this dude is on probation & everything, this is what we’ve been dreaming of ” A full blown THUG”. This guy was sexy, & did not seem to be the type that would be down for the shit we wanted to pull no way!!!! Anyway, you know the usual, we convince him to join us at a party at the pad full of women & drinks…. He came by & we put the moves on him & he didn’t even try to stop us??? You have…

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A Big Strong Man

Thug Hunter - A Big Strong Man

Sucking that black cock as hard as he can

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Pimpin’ Aint easy, Thug Huntin Is

Thug Hunter - Pimpin’ Aint easy, Thug Huntin Is

Thug fucks white guys face

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Chevy Ridin

Thug Hunter - Chevy Ridin

Thug gets his cock sucked by horny white guy

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Thug huntin

Thug Hunter - Thug huntin

This thug loves sucking dick in public!

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Cruzin on South Beach

Thug Hunter - Cruzin on South Beach

This gangsta loves sucking on cock

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